Creating the Life You Want

Because You’re Worth It!

This workshop series conducted twice a year offers a highly experiential learning community in which to develop a “life-map” to help you create the life you’ve always wanted. Led by experienced facilitators, you will have the opportunity to reflect through exercises, activities, dialogue, and application between sessions.

Purpose of the Series

Establish a supportive and stretching learning environment to help you:

  • Consider your life’s true vocational callings, desires and “fit.”
  • Develop principles to guide your life choices.
  • Learn specific tools to help you “navigate” the discovery process.
  • Take action to live your dreams.
  • Create a framework for short- and long-term plans.

Series Overview

Explore how your current reality compares to the life and work you truly desire:

  • Learn how to work in a community to assist your growth and development.
  • Examine how your personal preferences color your choices in your life.
  • Revisit and redefine your basic values as a guide for future decisions.
  • Rediscover your natural gifts and dreams and craft into a personal mission.
  • Move you forward by creating a clear and articulated vision of your preferred future.
  • Translate your inner work into outer strategies for dealing with events and people.
  • Begin work on a plan to move you toward your goals.
  • Create a “life map” to help you navigate change.

Series Design

Introspection is hard work. It can best be accomplished through a process that includes:

  • Willingness to examine oneself
  • Application activities – individual, in pairs, whole group
  • Dialogue, peer coaching, facilitator support and coaching
  • A variety of media and methods
  • Self-directed application between sessions
  • Time for reflection

Series Format

Begin your journey by escaping to the Oregon Coast. Plenty of room for everyone and we’ll feed you with wonderful vegetarian fare. We will have a full weekend agenda, covering the first four workshop modules: Readiness, Preferences, Values and Boundaries. You will have free time for reflection and individual work, and walks on the beach if you wish.

After returning from the weekend there will be follow up sessions in West Linn that include the topics Mission, Vision, and Goals and Plans. The last sessions will be celebrated with a potluck.

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