Dealing with Change

Man, change is hard, even when we are really trying.

One thing for sure is that change is way easier to adapt to if the person making the change is the one who decided on the change in the first place. Dieting is easier if I decide to diet rather than someone else telling me I might need to diet and exercise more. What are we doing in our organizations to encourage people to come up with changes themselves?

Another key aspect to change is that a person needs to see a need to change. I recently embarked on a change and it was really hard. The old way seemed to be way easier and less painful than the new way. I decided to go back to my old way as I really didn’t see a need to change in the first place. What are we doing to help employees see the reasons for the changes we are asking them to do? What are we doing to make the change as painless as possible?


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