Keynote Topics

Lessons from the Mountain Top

Paul relates his experience in climbing to the summit of Mt. Hood with issues faced in many organizations. Key points include: goal setting, preparation, having the right equipment, knowing when to change goals and recognizing accomplishments.

Managing your Business with Values and Boundaries

  • How does your organization make decisions? What are those decisions based on?
  • Many organizations have posters with their mission and corporate values on them, but most leaders in the organization cannot remember what they are, never mind using those as a foundation for decision-making.
  • How can you in your role as an HR leader drive more values based decision-making in your organization?
  • The importance of including employees in the establishment of the organization’s values.
  • What might be some critical values for your company?
  • The prioritization of values.

The Triple Bottom Line

To many people, the idea of the ‘bottom line’ brings up images of the financial measurement or success of an organization. “Bottom line” means hard-core numbers: Did the company make a profit this year or didn’t it?
This keynote expands on the common definition of the bottom line by introducing a broader concept: the triple bottom line of sustainable development. Attending to the triple bottom line means meeting the financial, ecological, and social needs of the present while maintaining the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Thriving on Conflict

Conflict is a natural outcome of human relationships. Learn how to encourage it in your organization and make it a productive rather than destructive force. Focus of the conversation will be around the Thomas Kilmann conflict work and how we can make better use of the various conflict handling strategies. Imagine if we make conscious decisions about our conflict strategies rather than just using the ones we are most comfortable with.

Performance Management

This keynote is designed to address the issues involved in the development of performance management systems that align with the business.

  • Discussion of a strategic whole system view of Performance Management
  • The business linkage
  • Who “owns” the performance management process
  • When do we do them? Everyone all at once or based on anniversary dates?
  • Are raises linked to performance? Why or why not?
  • How often should they be done?
  • The appraisal process
  • 360 degree feedback? Sounds nice. Do we have bandwidth and culture to pull it off successfully?
  • Designing effective forms
  • Keep them simple
  • How do we have conversations about this with the leadership team?

Put Your Oxygen Mask on Yourself Before Assisting Other Passengers

This keynote provides an overview of ideas on how to take care of yourself and improve your mental health in the midst of assisting others. He will bring challenging yet humorous information to participants about the aspects of change, the issue of control, building support systems and avoiding bad habits. Remember, if you don’t take care of yourself, who will?