Harassment and Discrimination Workshops

Why is this training session important for my company?

  • Increase cultural and diversity awareness
  • Learn to avoid areas that could be perceived as discriminatory and disrespectful
  • Improve team communication and employee morale
  • Strengthen retention of employees
  • Reduce liability

In addition to preventing illegal harassment and discrimination, it’s important that organizations do all they can to create and enhance an inclusive and respectful workforce.

This training session focuses on creating a harassment and discrimination free workplace and goes one step further to include training on diversity and cultural awareness and compassionate, effective communication.

When employees feel like they are appreciated and respected, they are more likely to do their best work and feel a sense of commitment to the company’s success. When employees are dealing with disrespectful and inappropriate behavior it can affect productivity and negatively influence an organization’s bottom line. 

This training session promises to be thought provoking, providing tips on communications, while helping participants become more aware of appropriate workplace behavior.