Training without leadership support loses traction

This post is intended to generate leadership support for training programs. Often times I have companies that hire me to do training, yet the leadership team does little to support that training. When that happens, the training impact loses steam and value. It diminishes the ROI of the training.

For example, I had been hired by a company to do some Respect/Harassment prevention training. After one of the sessions, I was asked if management was supportive of the training. I thought so, but then I was informed of an extremely sexist calendar that was posted on the General Manager’s wall.

More recently I have been involved in a large training project with mid level managers and supervisors. I have given them a number of assignments that require them to go and speak with their bosses about the various topics. In most cases, their bosses have rebuffed their efforts. The trainees are left wondering why they are even coming to the training and coincidentally attendance has subsided.

As leaders in organizations it is imperative that you get behind the training that is happening in order for it to have the most impact both on the trainees and the organization.

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