Workshop Topics

Understanding Ourselves and Others

We have natural ways of behaving and so do others. Improve your understanding of those differences to increase the effectiveness of your communications.


We can’t do it alone. Explore key aspects of effective team building so you can be part of an effective group of employees accomplishing more than you could alone.

Communications and Conflict

Communications: With everything going on around us it is a wonder we can communicate at all. Rarely does a project team or work group fail because of over communicating.


Conflict: Conflict is a natural outcome of human relationships. Learn how to encourage it in your organization and make it a productive rather than destructive force.

Dealing with Change

Change happens. In fact it is probably only going to get faster. Let’s learn some basics about change management and how to deal with change more effectively when it happens.

Creating The Life You Want

An introduction to tools to assist participants in identifying core values and boundaries that impact their decision-making and behavior.

Harassment Prevention

An understanding of the legalities surrounding harassment and discrimination from a practical perspective. Emphasis on the concept of Respect. If we Respect each other, we won’t discriminate or harass each other.

Performance Management

One of the major weak areas in manager’s arsenals. How do we set clear performance expectations for our employees and hold them accountable for the appropriate levels of performance.

Decision Making

A key to effective management and supervision. Effective decision making does not just happen by making decisions, but rather by identifying the appropriate decision making strategy for a given situation and making sure everyone is clear about that strategy before moving forward.